ELETEP POIOI EIMASTEAt the Hellenic Folklore Association of Expression & Culture (ELETEP), located in Piraeus since 2009, we research, dance, sing, feast silently and respectfully, inspired by the treasure of our national heritage.

Having organized classes of every age and after our performances, « DANCE TO TASTE «, «TO PLAY OR NOT», «IMPROVISATION «, «IF ONLY I WERE A BIRD TO BE ABLE TO FLY» and «THE DIARY», «KORINTH», «GREY LOVE» our organization, through its artistic workshop, continues to create small cultural spots.

ELETEP also had a friendly participation in the closing ceremony of the Epidaurus Festival in 2017. We performed in «Here's a Threshing floor to Dance» in all three ERT1 TV shows «Salt of the Earth», and in the performance «TAKIM Café Aman - Greek Delight» by «TAKIM» and Lambros Liavas at Piraeus Municipal Theater, too.

ELETEP finds its way with steady steps, based mainly on volunteering. Its goal is to be able to inspire people through teamwork. When we really have something meaningful and essential to say, we are active as far as tradition is concerned. We have also participated in numerous events throughout Greece and abroad.

Oriented by love for folk culture, we explore every aspect of it, because to us, folk culture is not just dancing ...



ELETEP POIOI EIMASTE1 George Liaros comes from Elafonissos, Laconia, Peloponese,Greece.

Despite his young age, he joined the professional group of «Dora Stratos Greek Dance Theater» in 1993 and continued his career there, until 2009.

In 2000 he taught the first classes in «Dora Stratos Greek Dance Theater» as a responsible dance instructor.

In 2002 and for the next five years, he taught traditional dance at the dance club of the Municipality of Paros, which brought him in touch with the daily life of the local people in this island. This fact served as an incentive to research the music and dance tradition of Paros, as well as the wider area of the Cyclades.

In 2009, he decided to create the artistic workshop of teaching Greek Traditional Dance, creating an organization under the distinctive title»Hellenic Folklore Association of Expression & Culture (ELETEPP)» and till today, he has been the artistic director and dance instructor of all classes.

In 2010, he releases a CD with reference to the musical dance tradition of Paros entitled «my eyes are dancing» which manages to get excellent reviews .

George Liaros has also done research on the traditions of plenty of areas in Greece, but due to his attachment to Paros and the Cyclades, he has been invited to teach in many seminars throughout the world, for instance Australia, America, Canada, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Cyprus and in many areas throughout Greece, as well.

He has inspired and issued the magazine «DANCE». This is the only edition that refers to the musical dance folklore elements of our country, leaving a rich folklore heritage in the hands of the readers.

He has also curated the dancing part of three TV shows by L.Liavas «The Salt of the Earth» concerning the Cyclades and the Aegean Passages with central hosts Nikos Economidis and Sunday Spanou and the show «KORINTH- ARGOLIDA».

In 2017 he curated the theme part of «Corinth « in the performance «Here is a Threshing floor to dance» at the Athens-Epidaurus Festival, held in the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus.

George Liaros is also a composer. In 2004, he released the CD «Character formation workshop» with Myrto Vounatsou, which received great reviews from music editors.

Today, he is also a dance instructor at the Dance Club «TEGEA», the Cultural Association of Perachora - Loutraki, the Kalamata Cultural Association «Agia Triada» and the Folklore Dance Club of Corinth.

Finally, Giorgos Liaros has been editing a survey in Perachora, Loutraki, in order to preserve the rich cultural wealth of this area so as to create an audio version.









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